• The Serola Sacroiliac Belt helps stabilize SI joint and reduce back pain. Made with hypoallergenic fabric that is ‘breathable’ and wicks moisture away. This support belt is designed to decrease pressure while allowing the joints to regain their natural movement, and stabilizes the base of your spine to provide a faster healing time. This SI belt can be worn as an injury prevention during work or play as it improves muscle strength. Can also be used during pregnancy.
  • C-TEK Stretch Underwrap 2"x10yrds - Case of 6

    • Easy peel backing for faster application
    • Wide-area fixation dressing
    • Skin protection for use under IMS010 P-TEK sports strapping tape
  • The TheraBand® Standard Exercise Balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen muscles to improve posture and help prevent back pain
  • Therapy putty is used to help strengthen the hand, wrist, and forearm. It's designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs. Putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched. Each level of resistance is color coded for easy identification. Combine any colors to create custom resistance for individual needs. Latex-free.
  • The Travel Roller is an excellent self-massage product that allows therapists and patients to release soft-tissue, prevent injuries by controlling cumulative micro-trauma, and optimize the function of the muscular system. Dual-density adjusts to 'Hard or Soft' settings. The Travel Roller's extra firm design does not deform. - The Travel Roller is 4" by 13" and comes in black - The acupressure kit includes the Travel Roller, 3 acupressure balls and an exercise band - Acupressure balls are red, orange and yellow
  • Underwrap 2.75" x 30 yds Case of 48 Rolls
    Protective foam dressing applied to the skin prior to application of adhesive strapping
  • Regular density foam roller used for balance training and stretching exercises. Light clinical or home use. Popular for WCB and MVA clients

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