Concussions are quickly becoming more recognized as a common and serious sports injury. As with any injury, it is important that a concussion is taken seriously and managed appropriately. A medical practitioner trained in concussion management is an integral part of recovery post-concussion. After assessment, an individually tailored treatment plan will be implemented to ensure the best outcome possible. A baseline assessment is recommended for those participating in contact sports that are at risk for concussion. This can be extremely valuable for the treating practitioner to safely and effectively facilitate the return to sport and play.

Concussion management- Beyond Rest.

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that affects the processes vs. structural components of our brain. It is diagnosed based on a comprehensive clinical assessment by a trained clinician, NOT by imaging!

Your concussion symptoms are as unique as you are, and therefore deserve individualized and thorough attention- The most common cause of persistent concussion symptoms is inadequate early intervention strategies! Excessive rest beyond the first 24-48 hours is NOT conducive to a smooth recovery.

If you have sustained an impact (fall, whiplash, head impact), and are experiencing ANY unusual symptoms to follow, you should schedule a consultation with our Physiotherapist, Jenny Lehmann. Jenny has taken advanced coursework in both concussion management and vestibular rehabilitation (which often overlap), and is a certified Shift Concussion Management Provider.

Concussion symptoms are multifactorial, which means they can arise from multiple system disruptions, including but not limited to your: autonomic nervous system (ie. heart rate), vision and vestibular systems, cervical spine (neck), sleep and frontal processing systems. Jenny can help narrow down and treat the source of your symptoms while directing you to and liaising with other healthcare practitioners as appropriate.